Businesses can often feel under pressure to keep up with the latest technological fads and innovations. This puts strain on businesses to ensure that their IT is well managed, secure and up to date – but how can outsourcing your IT relieve that pressure?

  • Reduce staff cost but gain another member of the team.

By having an in-house IT manager, you will be tied in to spending thousands of pounds a year on wages alone, once you include extras, such as company training and benefits this will quickly build up. However, due to the nature of IT work, unless you are investing in IT projects ongoing IT workload comes in peaks and troughs – meaning it isn’t always viable to employ a person to handle IT full time. By outsourcing to a company like Toftech, you can be more flexible with the budget that you allow for your IT by either working on projects or employing you outsource IT help on a retained basis. Both of which allow you to put vital money back into building your business. Toftech work hard to become a part of your team – you aren’t picking up the phone to call your IT guy, you’re picking up the phone to talk to Chris.

  • A lack of staff know-how can impact productivity.

When we are brought in, we are often pointed in the direction of the poor soul that expressed they had a slight bit of experience in IT in their interview and, from then on, had gained IT as a kind of secondary role. This of course puts pressure on the staff member to fulfil their main work, impacting the productivity of not only themselves but the company. Inevitably, their slight IT knowledge will often meet a brick wall and an outsourced IT company, like us, will have to be called in to help them anyway – so why not leave it to the experts in the first place and focus on the productivity of your core business?

  • Keeping up with the latest technology.

By outsourcing your IT needs, you are giving the job to someone who is passionate about developments in IT and constantly driven to finding innovative solutions to your problems. Before starting Toftech, our founder Chris worked with an array of recognisable brands including Orange, Jetstar and Flybe. IT is changing at an ever-increasing rate, so it is key that you employ someone who is already one step ahead. In choosing Toftech, you are gaining access to a specialist who can monitor and advise on the ever-changing industry with confidence.

We pride ourselves on our ability to streamline your IT systems and networks, allowing clients to scale up their business without having to worry about their IT not working as it should. One client who we have really enjoyed working with is Exeter based Air Marketing Group who we have now helped with not one, but three office set ups and continue to work with them day to day:

“Toftech have helped us to streamline our IT systems and network, allowing us to scale up without the worry of things not working as they should. Chris has consistently gone above and beyond expectations and has created solutions that work for us. He is always quick to respond to and resolve issues and has spent time getting to know exactly what we need.”

– Owen Richards, Managing Director, Air Marketing Group Limited.

We would love to support even more local businesses and therefore are currently offering all businesses based within 10 miles of Exeter a half price set-up fee if you sign up before 21st January. If you believe that you could benefit from our services, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! You can call us on: 01392 660608, email: or visit our website: